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Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

Nature sometimes plays tricks with us by gifting some people with an ideal body shape, while others get not the best features. Most of us always dream of having a perfect body, with no unwanted fat around our thighs, waist or face. Still there is a great army of girls who would give everything only to get a couple of pounds. What to do to receive a perfect look and feel a real satisfaction every time we look at ourselves in the mirror, and, of course, be always in the center of attention especially by the opposite sex? There are dozens of ways to conceal unwanted parts of our body by simply choosing the correct outfit.

The only thing to keep in mind is that even if you compare two girls with the same weight, that does not mean, that the choice of one and the same clothes will fit them both the same way. All we need to remember is that each of us represents an individual body shape, which requires an individual approach. Your closest friend or your beloved actress is not you, so never dream of imitating them and putting yourself in a funny condition. And never forget that you have a privilege, since your extra small sizes are most commonly spread sizes at shops, as most designers love creating unique outfits for tiny proportions.

Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls
Here, we represent a list of fashion tips for skinny girls, who want to look fascinating, without the need of gaining weight and filling thin parts of their bodies.

Avoid vertical stripes

If vertical stripes are the best choice for those who are oversized, then for skinny girls it is the worst choice. Vertical stripes tend to make your body longer, slimmer, thus concealing the extra pounds you have. But for skinny girls it is a major catastrophe. It will make you look even thinner. If you, nonetheless, prefer stripes, then choose horizontal ones, which will add some curves to your body and make you look less skinny.

Say no to high heels

As in case of vertical stripes, high heels will also give the same impression. By looking even taller than you really are, you will look like a straight geometrical line with no curves. Give preference to flats or boots, which will go with almost any type of outfit you choose. In case you choose an elegant cocktail dress that has no other way than to be worn with high heels, then choose a pair of shoes with tiny heels.

Clean up your closet from tight jeans

No matter what fashion experts tell us about trendy tight or skinny jeans, they still remain a bad choice for not only skinny girls but for the rest as well. Doctors have proven that the use of this kind of pants do harm to our health. They may be painful for full stomachs, for example, or high thighs. Besides they create a series of unwanted problems for women trying to conceive. In addition to this negative impact of skinny jeans, they do not suit skinny girls at all, since they give the illusion that your legs start from your ears. So try to choose straight cut wide-legged pants, classic pants or jeans which will have some extra room for your legs. Besides you will feel more comfortable in them.

Choose bright colors

Feel free to choose any color you like except for dark ones. Black, brown, grey or any shades of dark colors will make you look even slimmer. Let fluffy girls choose these colors. Pick any color of a rainbow. If you want to look wider, wear neutral colors and play with contrast. For example, team up light tops and dark bottoms or vice versa. Also play with prints and patterns. So give freedom to your imagination and you will be likely to make the correct choice.

Go back to your childhood

You will remember that back in your childhood you had different colors of baby-doll shaped dresses. Now it’s high time you got them back. Choose this type of dresses and you will notice how your proportions will change. Choose one colored dresses to avoid a fusion. They will add more curves to your body, by making you look fuller and shorter. Only do this if you are tall enough. For short girls this trick may not have the right effect. You will, indeed, be taken for a teenager.

Grab loose sweaters

Loose sweaters will not outline your silhouette and will make you feel more confident. Add tights or a narrow skirt for a complete look.

Turn to Layering

Layering a few pieces not only creates a more standout and fashion-forward look, but makes you look fuller. You can also play layering with a single garment. And if you aren’t that creative to layer clothes, just go for chunky clothes, which will also keep you warm during chilly months.

Never use belts at mid-waist

We all know that wearing a belt at the mid-waist area makes one look slimmer, so this is definitely not your accessory!

Use scarves

Scarves are not only amazing fashion accessories that add elegance and femininity to a woman’s look, but also make a slim girl look her best size. Everyone knows the power of this small accessory. It does miracles. Even a tiny dark dress can get a fresh look with a colored soft scarf. Scarves will make your neck look less long and if they reach your bosom, they will look fuller, thus giving you a hot look.

By following each of these style tips you will be a success. Play with colors, take different textures, watch fashion shows and learn how to combine clothes. Work correctly and you will soon notice the switch from a skinny girl to an elegant lady.

Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

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